Auto Chat Profits: Is It A Legit Way To Profit?

Auto Chat Profits (ACP) is a software program that uses robot technology to allow its buyers to create money easily online.

This product would supply you with a website you’ll be able to take advantage of even though you don’t have online job experience. You can set up your new website in just 14 clicks and in less than 6 minutes.

When you’re done with the simple set-up, all you have to do is let the bot do its job.


How Does Auto Chat Profits Work?

Auto Chat Profits operates on an affiliate marketing model. But what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a business model focused on the sharing of revenue.

An affiliate marketer promotes other people’s goods through its own resources in exchange for a fee after purchases have been made. So, theoretically, this software might help place this model on autopilot by building sites that are run by chat robots.

ClickBank Setup


The first step is to enter one of the biggest affiliate markets on the web. Joining ClickBank is a quick process that only takes a few minutes.

When you become a member of ClickBank, you get your affiliate ID, and you can start searching the marketplace to find promotional items. There are actually thousands and thousands of products to be marketed.

You can select from categories such as health and wellness, finance, art, entertainment, gambling, internet marketing, and more.

Domain Setup


The second step of Auto Chat Profits is to pick one of the preloaded domain names. The developers of this system have uploaded about ten different domains to a list from which you can pick the one you want.

If you have selected a domain name, all you need to do is save it and the software will build your website for you.

Email Provider Setup


Click Here to Get Auto Chat

The final step is to register and buy GetResponse. It’s an email autoresponder that you’re going to use to collect emails until people start to arrive on your site.

GetResponse isn’t going to be free. You can get it for the first 30 days free of charge. When your free trial expires, it will be at least $15 a month to continue this service.

What’s Inside Auto Chat Profits?

Your license to use Auto Chat Profits is basically given to you free of charge, but there’s a catch. They tell you to send a small donation of $37 between their scripts for certain hosting costs.

They’re telling you that the real cost of the product is actually $497, but they’re offering it to you for free on the day you sign up.

So what you really get when you sign up and order is an Auto Chat Profits account that has the following features:

1. Home

2. Start Here

In this portion, you will be required to take a number of steps to set up your website. There are also instructional videos at the top of each button to show you the ‘how to’ of each step.

  • Set up your account with Clickbank.
  • Choose your domain name from the drop-down menu and trigger your Auto Chat Profits website.
  • Set up an email service via GetResponse. GetResponse is an autoresponder with plans beginning at $15 a month. You may have already worked out that the maker of Auto Chat Profits is a GetResponse affiliate, so he’ll probably get a fee when you order from the platform.
  • Generate traffic from solo ads.

3. Upgrades

These are the OPTIONAL upsells.

4. Bonus Resources

Here you’ll find blog posts that talk about email marketing, free tutorials on how to write killer emails, and autoresponder emails that are already done for you and ready to download.

  1. Your Account
  2. Customer Support
  3. Log-out

These are merely the most important parts here since the rest of the features are basic which you will encounter in every account you might have.

How Much Does ACP Cost?

At the time of this Auto Chat Profits review, the system is still free for the first 14 days. This is a wonderful thing to see, particularly since most systems today are first asking for cash.

After the free trial expires, you’ll be paying $17.25 a month to continue using Auto Chat Profits. There are also a few upgrades available once you start using the system.

  • Faster Profits $197 one-time payment – This upgrade gives you a fully equipped website with sales video, articles, product reviews, affiliate links, and an automated sales chatbot.
  • Double Your Profits Site $187 – The same as a previous upgrade, this one gives you a fully equipped website.
  • Traffic Tsunami $97 – This upgrade is a step-by-step blueprint you can copy to get targeted traffic to your site.

These upgrades are not required. You don’t need to get it if you don’t want to.

Should You Get Auto Chat Profits?


Once you start using Auto Chat Profits, the chances of making money can improve very easily. And unlike other systems that don’t give you value for money, this system gives you an automated assistant who does all the hard work for you that you don’t even need to have the high technical skills to use the program and earn.

Definitely, is a legit product that even lets you have a trial run. This makes the software developer confident how effective this program will transform your life, particularly if you’re just beginning your online money-making projects. This intelligent system of making money is therefore recommended.

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