Click Earners Review: A Good Source of Online Jobs?

Click Earners is an online platform that can help you become a virtual assistant and get paid to do freelance work, tasks you can essentially do at home. It’s an informational product that offers you resources and materials related to working as a freelancer. The website was registered in 2017.


Here’s what the Click Earners website promises:

  • Various roles and projects accessible to you to choose from
  • Totally flexible to allow you to set your own hours
  • Work at home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Suitable for any age, ability, or background.

What’s Included in Click Earners?

Click Earners does not have jobs to give you through their website. All they provide are some manuals, guides, and links to places that actually have jobs to offer.

You will get the following:

1. PDFs

You can get PDFs explaining Virtual Assistance, Data Entry, and Social Media. Although the information is not very comprehensive and is very simple. It’s not offering any training material.

2. Links to Freelancing Sites

You will be provided with a list of four freelancing websites that actually provide jobs or gigs for you:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. PeopleForYou (No Longer Available)
  4. Fiverr

They’re all freelance websites, and they’re also free to join. But by following the Click Earners link, they’re going to make money when you join them.

3. Online Job Descriptions

These are just short explanations of various online work. Just as brief as you can find in the FAQ on any respectable Freelancer website. If you do your online research, you’ll find clearer descriptions that better explain them and give you a clear insight into what a client will be searching for when they decide whether or not to hire you.


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4. Resume & Cover Letter Templates

This has little value as there are better examples out there. For example, Canva offers a great resume and cover letter template, and it also has a free version.

5. Links to Facebook Groups

They provide you with a list of Facebook groups that specialize in Virtual Assistance and Virtual Assistant Work. But if you’re already a member of Facebook, and it’s a pretty safe assumption that you are, you can just use the Top Search tool and enter “Virtual Assistant” and the group list will be generated automatically. You can join them for free, and then you’ll get tips as you go.

How Much Does Click Earners Cost?

If you fill in the profile questions, you can see the cost of the product on the next pages. There are two prices available. The first is $57 for a lifetime membership, and the second is $27 for 12 months.


  • #1 Envelope Filling Starter Pack – $47
  • #2 Mystery Shopper & Secret Diner Starter Pack – $37
  • #3 VIP Package Success Coach – $3 for 7-day trial, then $14.97/month

Available Jobs Through Click Earners

ClickEarners is a complete guide to earn money from home. It helps to know freelancing works and how to make the best out of it. It can help to find the following jobs:

  • data entry
  • customer service
  • virtual assistant
  • admin & secretary
  • writing and proofreading
  • online research
  • envelope filling
  • social media management
  • sales & marketing
  • surveys
  • mystery shopping and product shopping

So, if you are interested in any of the above job categories, you can get started signing up with


Can you Make Money using ClickEarners?

It’s hard to predict a standard hourly rate for ClickEarners as it radically changes to how much work is available, regardless of whether you meet all the criteria for it, and how quickly you can do it. But the average cost is $25 per hour.

In any case, this amount will depend sequentially on the number of jobs that you have and the accessibility of such tasks.


Should You Get Click Earners?

Finding an online job is not easy, but Click Earners promises to make things easier. There are a lot of challenges you can face when searching for an online job.

If you need to be recruited, you need to learn genuine skills. After learning your skills, you will have to search for clients who will recruit you.

Looking for work is not easy, as the market is now saturated. Because of which a few roles are open to newcomers. To build up experience, you will have to start at the most basic of tasks, and Click Earners can help you with that.

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