The Fast Tracks Review: Can This Program Really Help You Earn 7 Figure Income?

Fast Tracks, or 1K A Day Fast Track, is a 6-week affiliate marketing training program. You’re not learning all-round, general how-to, but you’re learning how to use a 2-page polling site (yes/no question) to sell unique ClickBank products and at the same time generating a list of email subscribers.

This is not a particularly new method. But what makes this particular course different is the fact that the tutor, Merlin, uses this approach and earns 8-figures each year; and the landing page templates, the actual functional ads, the email follow-up swipe templates are all included, so you won’t have to create your own.

In fact, Merlin asks you to follow his exact steps and not customize to do your own thing, otherwise, he can’t take responsibility if it doesn’t work for you. Yet he’s completely open to your questions. So for this course, you’re not going to have to have your own guesswork, time to try to test yourself, because you’re given the same templates.


How Does the 1K a Day Fast Track Work?

According to the creator, the program relies on affiliate marketing to make money. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money. The method helps people to make money by promoting the goods of other people through unique links known as affiliate links. By clicking on your affiliate links to order the product, the marketer can receive an affiliate commission from the links.

The author says that this is his preferred way to make money. He proceeds to clarify that there are also many other options to do this. You can build your own website and generate content to advertise specific products through on-site advertisements or through the sharing of your affiliate links.

Apart from owning a site, there are many other ways of collecting commissions by affiliate ads without creating a website. Often affiliate marketers use YouTube or social network ads to sell their affiliate products. In his program, Merlin uses a particular approach that is discussed below.

Finding Top Affiliate Deals on Affiliate Networks and Use Your Sales Page to Create Ads

This is the first step explained in this program. The author says that users can go to an online marketplace such as ClickBank and search for the latest deals to do this. You need to search the sales pages that are doing well. You can create your own banner advertising from that.

Create a Compelling Poll That Would Initiate Small Actions

The second step, according to the author, is to create a convincing poll that will initiate small acts such as clicking on one of the options. The author points out that this step relies primarily on interest, micro-commitments values, and digital marketing. What this means is that you can make the potential viewer engage with the ads and take action even if it means clicking on a button.

Customers enter their emails and get redirected to the specific offer that you are promoting

This is where potential customers will be asked to build an account by entering their email addresses conveniently. After this, the customer will be routed to the sales page immediately. The most important thing is that you now have their addresses in the list that you are building using an autoresponder like GetResponse.

After Purchasing the Items, the Marketer Would Make Money Immediately

After the customer has been routed to the purchase page, the consumer will have the option to either purchase or leave the page. If the consumer clicks to try out a certain product, you can immediately make a commission.

What Can You Expect to Learn From 1K a Day Fast Track?


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After going through this program, you can learn how to make a living by only sending emails.

1K A Day Fast Track by Merlin is a 6-week course where you can even dream about completing the first week of a day. You will go through all the lessons while waiting for lesson 2. There will be basic initial videos like how to set up a Click bank account, how to get hop links, and so on.

The webinar also discusses topics about how to write email sequences and provides you with information on where to find appropriate ad images.

This program teaches you how to make money on commission by psychologically persuading customers to buy items from your website. The program shares top secrets about internet advertisers making as much as $1000 a day BY just pursuing the program for 30 days in a row.

Week 1—Welcome to the course—9 lessons

It is a one-day basic training session. The courses include basic training strategies where you can learn how to get back your course fees easily.

How to set the correct way of thinking to reach your target is discussed in the first week itself.

Week 2 – Setting up accounts, Click funnels, custom domains, etc. – 9 Lessons.

Week 3 – How to set up an email with your ESP or autoresponder and interact it with click funnels.

Who Is the 1K a Day Fast Track For?


Undoubtedly for newbies-those who want to make money online but don’t know how to do it yet. Funnily enough, though it’s all about earning affiliate commissions, Merlin never uses the term “affiliate marketing” Perhaps he decided to avoid stereotypical assumptions about it, such as networking with strangers or practicing SEO strategies, because none of that applies to this course.

Or maybe he didn’t want to give students the definition-“What is affiliate marketing?”-a lot of students already know it anyway, and if they don’t, they’ll understand it automatically along the way.

So 1K A Day Fast Track is for anyone who needs to make money without providing their own products, without any profits or customers, i.e. as an affiliate. Nothing technical to master, so it’s ideal for anyone with no prior knowledge or expertise.

How much does 1k A Day Fast Track cost?

You need to pay $997 if you’re going to buy this program this week. Also, this course doesn’t promise you free bonuses and ebooks of that kind. All you have to do is devote your time and dedication once you find the results of the course to give you the perfect income mode according to many 1k A Day Fast Track Reviews.

Should You Get the Fast Tracks?


99 percent of people are reading their emails nearly every day. Targeting the right demographic helps to generate more revenue, which ensures more profits. This course was developed by the trainer from his 16 years of experience. It is going to be something different from all manner of online courses that are readily available.

But in the event that you enroll in this program and find that it is not worth it or that you are unable to make income as you desire, there is no reason to regret it. The program arrives with a 30-day money-back guarantee, with a 100% refund, and no questions asked.

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