STM Forum Review: How I Found My First Profitable Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads

stm forum affiliate marketing

StackThatMoney forum is one of the most popular forum online regarding running paid ads for affiliate products. They have lots on guides and video trainings on paid traffic including pop traffic, push traffic, native ads and facebook ads.

I will share with you my review on STM forum and what I have benefitted from it.

Big Library of Case Studies

The main reason I signed up for StackThatMoney is due to the large library case studies. I personally love case studies. You can find success quickly from good case studies that are profitable and learn from the mistakes other affiliates made so that you won’t walk down the same path.

I got my first profitable affiliate campaign by sending pop traffic to a traffic monetization network by following a case study by one of the members. This arbitrage technique worked for me by following the case study and it was my first success.

Joining a Mastermind Group

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, it is best to start by joining a Mastermind group. Let’s say you are learning about doing dropshipping on facebook, you can join a Mastermind group and share tips and also learn from other affiliates who have the same interest. Everyone in the mastermind group can help each other in having success and you can make some great friends there. Sometimes, you will get some insider tips from another affiliate which is really awesome.

Finding New Affiliate Networks & Traffic Sources

In STM forum, you will be able to find some good affiliate networks recommended by the members. If you are skeptical of a new affiliate network you are interested to join, you can ask for feedback in the forum.

In the STM forum, I was also able to discover some good traffic sources to run my pop and push campaigns. I got some discounts and great deals which are offered to STM member only. Some of these information are only available in STM forum.

Recorded Videos of Past Conferences

The most valuable thing I got out of STM forum was the videos recordings of past events conferences and seminars. They are top notched and I learnt a lot about lead generation, affiliate marketing, online marketing, FB ads, running a lead generation company from top industry leaders who generated millions a year. Even though I was not at that level yet, but those knowledge can be applied for my clients in future.

The recorded videos include Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live events from 2017 to 2019 held in Berlin, Bangkok, Barcelona, Last Vegas and San Diego.

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