Doba Dropshipping Review

Doba is a company that can help you simplify dropshipping and get the most bang for your buck.

Not all dropshipping suppliers handle the entire process. If you find ones that do, you’ll need to create a method that works for both your business and the dropshipper. This is a difficult task, but Doba has developed a platform that makes it much easier.

You can learn a lot more about Doba’s features, as well as its workings in this review. Take a peek at what Doba shines in!

Doba Review: What’s it all About?

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Doba, like all other dropshipping platforms, allows you to source things individually rather than in bulk. Doba alerts the supplier and only sends out the things purchased when a buyer visits your site and makes a purchase.

Because there isn’t much wiggle room when you’re not buying in bulk, dropshipping frequently necessitates either a reduction in your own profits or an increase in pricing for your customers.

However, there are many niches where products rely on perceived value rather than pricing that can be checked online in seconds. To have more success with dropshipping, we recommend looking for products with a high perceived value (such as jewelry or furniture).

This Doba review will demonstrate how the service keeps expenses down while matching you with vendors who carry the things you want to sell. Doba provides a marketplace of vetted suppliers who are eager to work with your online store.

How Does Doba Dropshipping Work?

You’ll begin by locating products and vendors. You’ll be able to create your own inventory lists, export product data, track orders, and learn about best practices for locating and selling things after that.

1. Sourcing Products and Suppliers

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The things you wish to sell in your store are the first thing to seek for in the Doba marketplace. You may use the following tools to search for products on Doba:

Doba’s website contains a product feed and featured products at the top. You can search for things that would be useful for your company by filtering by category.

You can also go through an alphabetical list of suppliers and then click on one for further information. You can also utilize an online catalog to look for things to sell.

You can search directly or filter products by category, supplier, brand, price range, shipping filters, and quantity by using the sidebar on the left of the page.

Then, using the dropdown box next to “sort by,” you can prioritize what appears first in the results. This allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of customizing your search and saving time.

2. Exporting Your Data

You can effortlessly export product listings from the platform and import all of the details, including images, prices, and descriptions, into your online store in a variety of formats. On the Doba website, there is also a short tutorial video that shows you how to do it.

3. Make a Profit

You must pay Doba for your goods once you have sold them to customers. This is a benefit of dropshipping because you don’t have to pay for anything and will profit every time your shop sells something.

4. See Your Products Sell Out

Doba’s platform is comparable to other dropshipping tools on the market, with the exception that it works consistently. You won’t have to worry about a shipment taking months or suppliers abandoning you after a sale.

Doba conducts in-depth interviews and investigations with each of the manufacturers and suppliers it lists on its site to ensure that your online business works properly.

Doba Dropshipping Best Features

Doba has worked with hundreds of suppliers and offers over 2 million products for you to try out for your store at the time of this writing. Automobiles, clothes, literature, technology, and sports are just a few of the options.

1. Integrate Directly With Your Online Store

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When you choose a product and decide to add it to your store, you can choose to push the product details to your online store right away. The fact that there is already a description, title, pricing, and images is fantastic. Many of them are taken directly from the manufacturer (so they aren’t of the highest quality), but you do receive the product information for subsequent reworking.

While the majority of the items have numerous photos, we would still attempt to capture more real-life photographs of the products after establishing a website and selecting my product collection.

You can also bulk import and export massive product lists thanks to the direct interface with your business. Doba creates a list of all the things you want to sell, which you can then import into your store by clicking the Export option.

2. Advanced Searching and Filtering

Because we’ve tested various dropshipping marketplaces that can be nightmares when it comes to discovering your products, advanced searching and filtering come as a pleasant surprise.

Doba has built a fast, effective filtering procedure because it has so many things to pick from. We was able to choose sporting goods, go camping, and then look for cooking equipment, for example. The filtering is comparable to Amazon, which appears to have every product category imaginable.

3. No Need To Store or Ship Your Products

Doba integrates with your online store, but it also offers the unique capability of storing, packaging and shipping your products.

This is where dropshipping shines. It is a method in which the supplier is in charge of all production logistics. Your major goal is to manage a successful online store and market the products to increase sales for both you and the supplier.

So, with the direct link to your website and Doba handling all of the storage, packaging, and shipping, it’s a smooth procedure that allows you to grow your store to its full potential. In our Doba study, we also discovered that the company performs an excellent job of keeping costs as near to wholesale as feasible. When it comes to dropshipping companies, this is usually not the case.

4. Bulk Inventory Exporting

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When you start creating a collection of things to offer in your business, it’s clear that you’ll need a system to keep track of everything. Your inventory is displayed in a convenient list that you can rearrange and manage to see quantities and in-stock items.

Not only that, but the Doba dashboard’s inventory section includes a feature for bulk exporting all of the products in the list to your online store. You can also send this bulk export list to any marketplace of your choosing. As a result, you might want to sync all of your products with Amazon or Etsy.

5. Proactive Inventory Alerts

You, the store owner, set up inventory alerts by specifying a threshold for when you want to be notified when inventory drops too low. As a result, you may have a pair of socks that you run out of frequently. You’d tell Doba to notify you when you’re down to five pairs of socks. Once you receive the email, you can delete it from your store so that no one is offended that you sold an out-of-stock item.

6. Curated List of High-Margin Products

Dropshipping is advantageous because it eliminates the need for you to invest any upfront funds in order to purchase wholesale products–and it also eliminates the need for you to spend time or money on packaging and shipping. You need to locate products that are in line with your brand’s image, and you also need to find items that are high-quality and profitable.

You could do this research on your own, but Doba makes it a lot easier by supplying you with a list of high-margin products to sell.

In a nutshell, you can contact Doba to have their in-house sourcing experts create a list tailored to your business. They’ll then return with the most popular, high-margin items in the niche you market.

7. Trending and Seasonal Discounts from Suppliers

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One of the benefits of being a Doba member is that you get access to a variety of email newsletters, suggestions, and information about your suppliers.

One of my favorite Doba emails is one that showcases special offers from several of the company’s suppliers. These offers come in all the time, but they are usually based on popular items or seasonal discounts that appear every now and then.

If you think one of the products would sell well in your store, you may take advantage of the discount and increase your income. What’s even better is that Doba will occasionally spotlight new suppliers in specific areas and offer discounts from those suppliers.

Doba Dropshipping Wrap Up

Doba is an attractive option for anyone who wants to start selling things online but doesn’t want to deal with anything more than sorting through a vast dropshipping catalog, despite a few small limitations.

Doba has done a lot of the groundwork to make dropshipping simple, so it’s understandable why it doesn’t provide a free option. Using a platform like this to improve income is nearly assured for anyone who already has an online selling presence.

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