Wix Dropshipping Review

When you use a site like Wix, running your own store is easier than ever. With a number of fantastic features like AI, professional templates, and more, the Wix store building solution makes it quick and easy to put up the kind of store you desire.

However, once you’ve created an outstanding Wix website, you’ll need to discover the things you’ll sell, store them somewhere, and make sure you can ship them to your target audience swiftly. Wix dropshipping solutions may make it easier for you to attain the results you want without breaking the bank.

Wix Dropshipping

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As the popularity of Wix ecommerce grew, so did the demand for Wix drop shipping options. People are looking for ways to start a business online as they become more interested in online entrepreneurship.

Dropshipping allows you to do more, whether you have an established company or are just getting started with your brand.

Connect to your preferred dropshipping provider via the Wix App Market:

Why is Dropshipping with Wix Popular?

The following are some of the reasons why dropshipping through Wix ecommerce is so popular:

1. A Small Amount of Investment Capital Is Required

Unlike many other businesses, drop shipping can be started for less than $30. Because you won’t need to buy merchandise up front, the only money you’ll need is to pay a website host. If you don’t want to pay that, you can start your business for free by dropshipping through Amazon or eBay.

2. No Inventory Needed

You don’t have to buy inventory in advance, and you can display photographs of it on your Wix storefront. Until you sell the product, the inventory stays with the supplier. When you sell a product, the supplier will ship it to your consumer directly. The only thing you need to do is thoroughly vet the items before adding them to your Wix virtual store. In general, if the things are of good quality, they will sell quickly on the internet.

3. Easy to Manage

You are not required to keep track of your own inventory or sales. Many apps, such as Modalyst, will perform this task for you automatically. Similarly, you won’t have to keep track of price changes on your website because the software you’re using will update it for you as the supplier’s prices change.

4. There Are No Shipping Logistics


You don’t have to pick, pack, or ship orders to customers. This is something that your provider will take care of for you. All you have to do now is create a Wix ecommerce store and start selling things.

5. There Are Numerous Products to Choose From

On platforms like Modalyst, there are millions of products from thousands of vendors. You can look for popular items or concentrate on a certain specialty.

6. No Real Estate Overhead

To keep your inventory, you don’t need to rent a warehouse. The dropshipper will store and maintain the inventory. Furthermore, you can sell things from the comfort of your own home. Many online entrepreneurs work out of their homes or kitchens, while others work out of coffee shops. If you require additional capacity, you can also engage freelancers.

7. It’s Easy to Open a Store

To run a successful drop shipping internet store, you don’t need a master’s degree. All you need is the correct guidance to learn it. You also don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to ecommerce websites.

8. Suppliers Are Willing

Many suppliers are looking for new ways to increase their distribution networks. They now see working with online boutiques who dropship their products as a significant commercial opportunity. The popularity of dropshipping can be attributed to a variety of factors. Let’s examine how to construct an online store on Wix before diving into how to set up a Wix dropshipping store with Modalyst.

9. Opportunity in the Global Market

Cross-border transactions are becoming increasingly common as ecommerce becomes more international. This means that your target audience might practically be anyone on the planet. Simply look for vendors from specific regions or those who ship worldwide.

How Much Does Wix Cost?

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You won’t find a better deal than Wix when it comes to value for money. In fact, it tied for second place with Squarespace in our ecommerce study.

Its free plan, as well as its 14-day money-back guarantee for all of its paid packages, are two of the key reasons it performs so well here. Unfortunately, if you want to sell anything on your website, you’ll have to subscribe to a premium plan because the free package lacks ecommerce features.

Wix offers three different business and ecommerce solutions, with prices starting at $23 per month if paid annually.

Dropship on Wix: Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to it! It’s not an easy task, so congratulations on making it this far! To recap, here are the steps to get your Wix dropshipping business up and running:

  • Find your niche
  • Make a financial plan
  • Create an account with Wix
  • Make your website unique
  • Choose a dropshipping app
  • Set up shipping
  • Check all of the legal boxes

It’s now only a matter of giving your website a once-over and putting it online. Dropshipping is a fantastic way to break into the ecommerce industry, and we wish you the best of luck whether you’re doing it as a side hustle or as a full-time endeavor.

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