CJ Dropshipping Review

If you’ve been burned by the slow shipping times and bad products when dropshipping from AliExpress then CJ Dropshipping might be the answer to your prayers.
But don’t get too excited too quickly.
There are some very important things you need to know about CJ before you jump in. Below is my CJ Dropshipping review.

CJdropshipping Review

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CJdropshipping is a company based in China that provides dropshipping services. They can handle finding products, processing orders, and fulfilling each order with ease.
The company also provides API support, an affiliate program, photo and video service, a warehouse service, and much more.

CJdropshipping can be considered as Oberlo and AliExpress mix.

CJdroppshipping’s no fee approach is one of the main reasons why so many decide to work with them. There aren’t any storage fees, monthly subscriptions, minimum order quantities, or setup fees. They don’t have fees per item sold, either.

How CJdropshipping Works?

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CJdropshipping is one of the most used dropshipping companies in the world. They have a million monthly site visits and 260,000 users. Shopify merchants can easily import products to their stores, and when the orders come, CJdropshipping will deliver the products directly to their customers.
CJdropshipping remains popular because:

  • They fulfill one million orders every month.
  • There are more than 200,000 items to choose from in their supply chain.
  • Over 60,000 Shopify merchants and 260,000 registered users have come to trust their services.
  • They have their own global logistics resource, known as CJPacket. It ships most orders within seven to fourteen business days, which is about a week ahead on average than most of its competitors.
  • Offers integration with Lazada, Shopee, eBay, WooCommerce, and Shopify.
  • They provide video shooting, POD, free sourcing, and other associated dropshipping features.
  • CJdropshipping warehouses are in the US, Thailand, Germany, Jinhua, Yiwu, Shenzen, and other international locations.
    CJdropshipping operates on an easy concept. Store sites sell the products while CJdropshipping fulfills and delivers those items to customers.
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