Conversiobot Review: Can You Really Increase Conversions With This AI Chatbot?

Conversiobot is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed to assist website owners to convert their visitors into leads, customers, and subscribers on autopilot.

It’s a tool that lets you create chatbots in minutes, either by using the completely customizable “done-for-you” chatbots provided with the product, or by building your own with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

You can then quickly launch your chatbot on your website by uploading the plugin to your WordPress dashboard and installing a single line of code.


Conversiobot Review: What it’s about, What’s included

The software is intended to help turn websites into automated sales and lead generator. Simply put, there would be no need for a supplier or director of the website. It is developed to maximize the conversion of sites and to give the viewer something user-friendly to engage with.

Conversiobot is also a perfect way to mitigate competition from other coding companies. It’s also a perfect way for website owners to build an email list. It comes entirely loaded with a license that helps people who do not have websites to communicate with their audience without any hiccups. The product also has the benefit that it includes a done-for-you chatbot.

With this tool, web masters and individuals are likely to raise their client list as well as sales and leads. Built to convert website visitors to potential customers and leads, it is a product that any website should be looking into.

Who’s the Conversiobot For?


Conversiobot was designed for anyone who has a website and needs to turn their users to leads, subscriptions, and purchases.

The product can be used by the following:

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Freelancers
  • eCommerce shop owners
  • Small business owners
  • Local business owners

If you have a website and you are trying to grow your subscriber list or get more sales, then Conversiobot is for you.

Benefits of using ConversioBot


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Do you want to know some other advantages of using the chatbot? If that is the case, then below you can read some other benefits that you can experience in this product.

Increase Your Sales

Everyone aims to strengthen their website sales, but only a handful will get the results they expect. If you also want to see a hike in your revenue or leads, don’t ignore this chatbot.

This service has boosted the sales of various organizations by up to 100 percent and even more, which is very remarkable. This isn’t a scam. The value of this product can be explained from consumer feedback.

Engage With Audience

Now you don’t have to pay a special team to connect with the audience, because the AI chatbot can do the job you require easily.

The AI bot is so smart that it immediately offers the best possible answer to the user’s question. It ensures that each visitor is happy with the answer. Furthermore, it can accommodate as many guests as possible within a second.

Easy to Use

It’s an easy-to-use chatbot that doesn’t need any technical skills from users. One thing you should know is the copy-paste function because it only asks you to copy a one-line code from the software to the website.

Anyone who knows how to use a computer pretty much is familiar with this, so using this software is not a big deal for beginners.


This AI chatbot runs on all sorts of websites. If you’re using an affiliate site, a WordPress blog, an e-commerce platform, a marketing site, or some other website, this product would fit well for all of them. This wide variety of usability makes it a successful product.

How Much Does Conversiobot Cost?

Conversiobot has two pricing options:

  • Conversiobot Lite: $46
  • Conversiobot Pro: $47

Yes, Conversiobot Pro is just $1 more than Conversiobot Lite. For an additional $1, you get the following features, which is not included with the Lite version:

  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Multi-Site License (meaning you can install chatbots on multiple websites)
  • 10 “Done-For-You” chatbot templates
  • Full commercial license (meaning you can sell your chatbots for 100 percent profit)

Is Conversiobot a Scam?

Conversiobot isn’t a scam. It’s a legal chatbot tool that’s easy to use and can be built on almost every website.

That being said, merely installing Conversiobot on your website would not magically raise your income by $10,000/month (no tool can do that).

You still need to get traffic to your website to get items that customers are interested in. However, if you can do all of these things, then Conversiobot can certainly improve your conversions.

Why You Should Get Conversiobot


If you want to increase your revenue and leads, but don’t know how to do it, then you need to try ConversioBot. It’s an AI chatbot that lets you engage with your audience with ease.

The copy-paste single-line coding option ensures that even beginners can use this product easily. It provides an unrestricted chatbot service that allows you to apply the chatbot option to several sites without paying any extra amount.

A commercial license is an additional essential thing that you would have to use this product. This license allows you to sell ConversioBot with 100% profit. So it’s worth buying a chatbot if you’re willing to improve your engagement with your audience and make a higher profit.

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