Videly Review: Does This 3-Click SEO Process Really Help You Rank?

Do you want to rank your videos on Google? Or maybe you just want to your YouTube video to be watched by millionsß? Videly solves this problem by automating what SEO specialists do: provide you with highly optimized video titles, tags, and descriptions for keywords that have the likeliest potential to rank higher. This eliminates having to poke or guess keywords.

Videly also has a tool that allows you to track your video rankings on YouTube and Google. It’s easily one of the best video rank tracking software you could ever have in your life.


How does Videly work?

Many of those who tried Videly swear by it, hailing it as a groundbreaking program that delivers amazing results. Essentially, if you want to make money online through videos, this is the software you need. What sets Videly apart from other SEO software is the fact that you can make money off of your videos in three simple steps:


1- Finding untapped keywords: To make sure that your videos get a lot of traffic and rating and redirect them to your promotions and page, it’s important to target the right keyword.

To identify and target the right keywords for your products/service, Videly analyzes the competition keywords and extracts the best from them. This is the first and the right step the software has taken to ensure the best results.

2- Automated SEO optimization: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on SEO anymore. With Videly, your videos are ranked automatically on search engines. It does everything for you, from choosing the best combo of titles, tags, all the way to descriptions.

3 – Copy, paste, and earn: Once your video is SEO optimized, Videly does all the work to publish your video and make sure it’s ranked highly.

You need Videly if you are:

  • A YouTuber
  • An internet marketing expert
  • Business owner
  • Video agency
  • SEO expert or agency
  • Vloggers
  • Those who wish to create videos and make them viral

Videly Key Features

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After you log in to the member’s area, you’ll be able to find a lot of features:

  • It works on Cloud, and you don’t need to download or install it to consume any of your storage space.
  • You don’t need any previous experience with video production or marketing to use Videly.
  • Lets you seize huge traffic legitimately and ethically from the highest performing videos that have already been ranked successfully. This is achieved using incredibly quick business-in-a-box leads and a sales generation process.
  • Automatically post and upload your latest videos on social media.
  • You can quickly locate and monetize all of the best videos in any category on Youtube.
  • Easily create videos by inserting images or adding videos. 

What Is Included In Videly?

Keyword Analysis: You can find the keyword research option in the member area, where you only have to provide a keyword to find the keywords, the competition rate, and the search volume. You should pick the keywords accordingly.


Title and Description Templates: You can choose the relevant template options or create them on your own.


Video Details: The software allows you to write titles, tags, and descriptions to boost your search ranking.


When you purchase the Videly program, you will get access to bonuses worth $497 for free! These include:

  1. 5-minute video creation: lets you learn how to make videos that convert highly and bring attention and potential sales.
  2. Private live training lessons: a chance for you to learn how to create your own video marketing business. 

How Much Does Videly Cost?

Including bonuses and freebies, the company is selling Videly for only $47. The price can vary from time to time, depending on the company’s discretion. Now, they’re selling it at a special discount of 75%.

The regular price without any coupons or discounts is $188. The fee is one time and there is no monthly cost involved. It covers life-long updates and customer support.

Paying for the software is absolutely risk-free, as the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you can’t get your videos ranked to reach more viewers in 30 days, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Why You Should Get Videly


Software like Videly can be really helpful to those trying to gain traction online. Videly has already been successful, as you can see in the online testimonials and feedback.

Videly ranking your Youtube videos certainly offers its users a significant edge when it comes to lead generation and ranking videos. So far stated in Videly reviews, whether you are a video creator or a business owner, you can extremely rely on Videly to secure traffic to your website.

Today, every company has recognized the scope of internet and web marketing. Whether it’s a niche or a product or service, digital marketing has a way to help them attract more consumers.

With the advent of the global pandemic of COVID-19, digital marketing has again even gotten greater. Being ranked on the search engine results pages and online ads now sound like a piece of cake for a lot of people.

However, the growing number of brands in digital marketing would only intensify competition. When the market is tight, it’s going to be tough for you to get the desired outcome.

Ultimately, the goal of Videly is to generate potential leads that convert to customers. And that’s entirely possible and made easier with Videly. Get yours today!

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