Live Marketing HQ: The New Clickbank University?

Live Marketing HQ is one of Clickbank’s top-selling affiliate marketing courses. Justin Atlan is the founder of this program where he teaches serious men and women who want to make money online through his “77 Copywriting Secrets Official Guide.”

This program is successful because it has now educated more than 100,000 students to earn online, and because of its outstanding system, more than 2,000+ website owners are now participating in this training.

Who is Justin Atlan?


Justin is an entrepreneur, consultant, and traveler living in Los Angeles, California. He is a partner and co-founder at ClickBank University and a partner at SJA Media.

Justin earned his Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of California, San Diego. At 18 years of age, Justin had a full-time salary from ClickBank affiliate marketing.

In 2012, Justin became a partner of SJA Media Partners. A business offering private consultancy services across all industries and platforms, including motivating innovation, performance enhancement, innovative management, implementation oversight, and marketing and monetization strategy creation.

Then in 2014, he co-founded his popular Clickbank University course in collaboration with Adam Horwitz under the supervision of This is the official training platform of ClickBank.

What is Live Marketing HQ All About?

Justin Atlan opens up the opportunity for everyone around the world to learn about digital marketing to make commissions by selling any kind of commodity through the use of sales funnels.

Unlike other courses, Live Marketing HQ teaches about the principle of copywriting skills to write a better copy of sales for all affiliate products. If you’re a Clickbank affiliate marketer, you have probably seen the sales letters of each product you want to follow.

With Live Marketing HQ, you’ll learn how to write Clickbank-style killer copy to improve your conversion rate.


What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of copywriting (words used on web pages, advertisements, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective consumers to take action. It’s like recruiting a salesman to reach all of your customers. A promotional staff contacts consumers one at a time; a copywriter approaches all at once through advertisements, magazine ads, sales letters, blog entries, and more.

Design, content marketing, SEO, and growth hacking are all aspects of a full digital marketing strategy, but copywriting is the bond that connects it all together. Copy brings meaning to your design and sets the basis for your content promotion, SEO, and growth hacking. Writing a great copy allows you to turn more readers into clients, and Justin wanted to include a tutorial that would give you an edge when writing copies on and offline.

If you can use your writing to tell a persuasive story while informing consumers of the need for your product, there is no end to the success that your business can experience.


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The 77 Copywriting Secrets Official Guide

In Live Marketing HQ’s official website, Justin talks about discovering their sales copywriter, Matt O’Connor, who he describes as the “best of the best” copywriter. It is Matt’s secrets that Justin details in the “77 Copywriting Secrets Official Guide.”

Here are some samples:

  • Tip #35: Why you should never flat out STEAL a sales letter. Don’t do this. Seriously. Just don’t.
  • Tip #45: The ONE thing 99% of successful ClickBank sales letters and videos contain… and why you’d be a fool not to swipe this for yourself…
  • Tip #40: The 5 *OMG* secrets you must uncover from every ClickBank® campaign. Add these to your research and you have an enormous head start on competitors in your market…
  • Tip #48: The one fundamental emotion you want to tap into every time with your sales story
  • Tip #49: THE #1 MISTAKE copywriters make that has prospects rapidly abandoning sales pages in droves…
  • Tip #50: Two software apps that let you spy on your prospects. Allowing you to locate weak points and holes in your funnel.
  • Tip #53: How long should your sales copy be? The answer will surprise you, especially if you write a copy…
  • Tip #55: The type of book you must read to dramatically improve your sales copy. (It’s NOT about copywriting…)
  • Tip #57: Your biggest copywriting competitive advantage and why it’s also one of the hardest to get your head around. (Pssst! Here’s the shortcut…)
  • Tip #60: The secret strategy that helped get a client’s article to 60,000 shares (PLUS: The ultra-popular website that is my #1 research tool.)
  • Tip #62: Your #1 resource if you’re marketing in the health niche–without this you could risk being shut down without warning…
  • Tip #63: Google’s FREE tool (you probably use without even realizing) constantly offers up a stream of targeted niche ideas…
  • Tip #66: The tools you need to optimize your pages and videos like a pro…
  • Tip #65: The truth about ‘home run’ copywriting. And why the copywriting gurus may have fed you nonsense…
  • Tip 69: How to quickly and easily zone in on a cash-spewing headline…
  • Tip #70: Look over your prospect’s shoulder and figure out how they’re consuming your sales video. (You’ll get to know exactly where your copy is failing, allowing you to fix it–fast!)
  • Tip #72: When you absolutely must NOT fiddle with your sales copy. (Many times clients freak out if conversions are not where they want them right away. BIG mistake. You’re often a few, small tweaks from success)
  • Tip #74: Make THIS your first knee-jerk reaction after a sales page misfire for a quick and successful turnaround…
  • Tip #76: “The Don Corleone Strategy” to making your prospects an offer they can’t refuse…
  • Tip #77: Above all else, study this one element of a successful promo. Do this and ClickBank riches can be yours for the taking.

Live Marketing HQ Price

According to Justin, these secrets have been forged out of over $100 million worth of ClickBank sales.  The details found inside is the kind that only top copywriters and advertisers discuss with their peers at the hotel bar during a private mastermind seminar.

Incredibly, you’re getting it for a super cheap $7, currently $10 off the original price.

Why You Should Get Live Marketing HQ


Have you spent endless hours handwriting famous sales letters? Have you tried to read hundreds of copywriting books? Have you ever thought about going to college and investing $100k on another advanced degree?

If all your answers point to yes, we think there is a better way to become a world-class copywriter—an easier way that requires very little investment.

Join Live Marketing HQ today and learn all 77 copywriting secrets and watch your inversion rate grow.

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