Thumbnail Blaster Review: Is This Tool As Useful As It Claims To Be?

Thumbnail Blaster is an incredible thumbnail creator that really saves marketers time. The software will save you endless hours trying to make perfect thumbnails of your own. It’s a perfect solution that lets you create gorgeous thumbnails in simple steps.


About Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster is an innovative cloud-based program that lets you create awesome thumbnails in just a few simple steps. It  helps you to access over 100 custom thumbnail templates. You can spit the thumbnails within the software and see for yourself which template is better tailored to your audience.

Thumbnail Blaster is operated by an image analyzer. It is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that tests the images for the correct use of the product. Your videos will hit the public successfully in this manner.

The software is available in both Standard and Professional versions. With Standard, you can add one account at a time. However, if you wish to work on videos planned for other accounts, you need to delete the current account. You can manage a lot of accounts in Pro, like Instagram, YouTube, and more.

How Thumbnail Blaster Works


You need to follow three basic steps if you want to use Thumbnail Blaster to make cool thumbnails for your videos:

  1. Choose a template – Once you have opened the request, browse the templates for a range of topics and niches. You can choose the appropriate templates for your clips, or you can ask the artificial intelligence to choose the correct one for you.thumbnail-blaster-review-tool-useful-claims-choose-a-template
  2. Edit the template –  After selecting the best template for your exact needs, it’s time for you to edit and design the same template. You can design the template with the aid of numerous design elements and built-in tools present in Thumbnail Blaster. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to apply custom icons to your thumbnails. Or, you can allow artificial intelligence to optimize a prototype for your use.thumbnail-blaster-review-tool-useful-claims-edit-template
  3. Publish the thumbnail – When you’re finished editing the thumbnail with the necessary formatting and design, it’s time to publish the thumbnail. You can publish your thumbnail with a single click of a mouse. It automatically changes the thumbnail on your Youtube file.thumbnail-blaster-review-tool-useful-claims-publish-get-views

Thumbnail Blaster Features


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Here are the Thumbnail Blaster features you would get when you buy this wonderful software.

1. Artificial Intelligence Image Analyzer

With this feature, you can instantly upload your thumbnail from videos from your phone. You may use a photo link or a YouTube video link. The AI analyzes everything you need for your thumbnail.

2. Automated Creation

With this unique feature, Thumbnail Blaster offers you the automation feature required to produce about three times more traffic to your video content. This way, you’ll get more views on your videos and, eventually, you’ll get more leads.

3. Over 100 Templates

Thumbnail Blaster comes with a click-bait and a general template. This ensures that you can make full use of all the templates that are well tailored to your niche. It lets you make more viewers for your videos.

4. Ease of Usage

The software helps you to make mind-blowing, attention-grabbing thumbnails without having experience with any sort of photo editing applications like Photoshop or other advanced tools. Thumbnail Blaster is easy to use for both experts and beginners.

5. Drag & Drop Feature

With this intuitive feature, you can drag and drop images, adjust text size, resize a file, insert new elements, and change layouts, color schemes, and fonts.  It means that by clicking a button, you can configure anything without the need for designing skills.

6. Design Different Types of Elements

With this awesome software, you don’t have to waste a lot of dollars on purchasing stock images or designing items. Thumbnail Blaster has an ever-increasing library of templates where you can access high-quality images and elements of your choosing.

7. Publish on YouTube Directly

You won’t have to worry about posting thumbnails to YouTube separately with Thumbnail Blaster. It’s very quick to upload your brand-new, attractive thumbnail instantly to YouTube by pushing a button.

8. Vimeo Integration

Although Thumbnail Blaster is very common with YouTube video thumbnails, it works surprisingly well with Vimeo. You may also make effective use of this feature when making video thumbnails for social media sites. You can download the standalone thumbnail files, edit them if you wish, and upload them.

9. Split Test

This is one of the best features of the Thumbnail Blaster you will ever get. It helps you to perform a test between two thumbnails per video. The software changes the thumbnail and keeps hold of it for you. You can select the thumbnail with the best results this way. Select your YouTube channel and choose the Change thumbnail A/B option. The program starts to perform a split test.

Thumbnail Blaster Pricing


Usually, the Standard version costs $97. As of writing , they’re giving a special price of just $36.86. Check out their website to see if the exclusive discount for Thumbnail Blaster is still available for you.

You can also buy one or more of these optional purchases:

  • Template Club subscription for a $1 one-time payment and a $27/month subscription
  • 100,000 customizable design elements for a $9 one-time payment
  • “The Secret Method To Rank Thumbnails On 1st Page of Google in 60 secs” guide for a $9 one-time payment

The Pro version normally costs $127. As of recently, it is offered for $46.99.

You need to purchase the Standard version before buying the Pro version upgrade.

Additional one-time offers for the Pro version are:

  • OTO 1: $67 one-time payment for the Agency Upgrade that helps you manage clients
  • OTO 2: $57 one-time payment for the Lingo Blaster that helps you translate your video descriptions and titles to 100+ languages

There is a 60-day money back guarantee for both Standard and Pro versions and any optional purchases.

Why You Should Get Thumbnail Blaster


Thumbnails are the #1 factor that can affect the video viewing rate. But it will take a lot of design expertise to create a brand new thumbnail that’s clean and fresh. You should either study graphic design or employ a graphic designer.

That’s why the Thumbnail Blaster Pro is here to help you expand your viewership with absolute ease.

Thumbnail Blaster is an outstanding tool that has a lot of promise. If you’re looking to become a talented video creator for Youtube and other social platforms, this is certainly a must-have.

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