Top 10 Best Native Ad Platforms for 2021

Native ads are getting more popular than ever as entrepreneurs and businesses reassess their market spend with the pandemic still around.

It is estimated that 73% of total display ad revenue in the US will come from native ads in 2021. And there are two key reasons for that:

First and foremost, native ads work better in terms of grabbing a user’s attention without it being intrusive. Secondly, its click-through rate (CTR) is almost 10 times better compared to traditional display ads.

So it’s not really surprising why advertisers and publishers are flocking toward native advertising platforms. But no matter what the ad platform is, a native ad network is guaranteed to generate high-quality leads and traffic for publishers.

Let’s take a look at the best native ads platforms you can choose from right now.



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Outbrain is one of the popular native advertising networks used by some of the leading newspapers, including the BBC and The Guardian. The ad network allows publishers to access the top DSPs via a programmatic native ad demand.

  • Minimum traffic of more than 10 million page views.
  • Choose between CPC and CPM pricing models with a minimum payment of 0.
  • Both in-feed and in-article native advertisements can be used for both display and video ads.

Yahoo Gemini


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Yahoo Gemini is one of the top ad platforms in the United States and serves native ads for some of the top brands, including Yahoo, AOL, TechCrunch, and HuffPost. You can select from a wide variety of native ad formats, including image advertising, app install ads, video ads, carousel ads, and Yahoo Mail ads.

  • Import your ad campaigns from Google Ads.
  • Traffic criteria for the website is just 10,000 page views per month.



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If you’re looking for a stable native ad network, you may have heard of Taboola. It can be a perfect way to get more traffic and page views. It is used by The Huffington Post, USA Today, and other leading publishers.

  • Eligibility requirements include traffic of more than 1 million page views.
  • Pricing model includes a CPC with a maximum CPM and an RPM rate of approximately $2.00.
  • Minimum payment requirement for Taboola is $100.
  • Marketers also have the option of using new advertisement technologies, such as geo-targeting, to position their native advertising.



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TripleLift is a programmatic advertising platform for native ads that enables OTT and native publishers to monetize their inventory through TripleLift’s demand partners and partners. The ad network offers the facility to provide a dedicated account manager as well as a customer service team to assist in the execution of ad campaigns. Supported ad formats include in-article, in-feed, carousel and video advertising.

  • Platform relies on CPM and CPC pricing models at a combined CPM cost of up to $3.00.
  • No minimum traffic requirement.
  • Minimum payment requirement is just $50.



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While you may not have heard of this tool, if you are an ad publisher on a media website, Nativo can be a fantastic alternative. This specific advertisement network has served native advertising to Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Inc and does not enforce any traffic restrictions.

It provides a broad range of targeting options and ad formats along with AdStore, which enables publishers to pick and enable various monetization partners simultaneously.

  • No minimum limit on web traffic, although the minimum payment requirement is just $50.
  • Choose between eCPM and vCPM pricing models as well.



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If you’re one of those marketers looking to get started on a self-service platform, then MGID might be the platform you want. With MGID’s self-service option and a variety of ad formats, you can create more ad impressions that focus on your business needs and marketing objectives.

This native advertising platform also has the option of rapidly and easily extending the reach of your company’s ad publishing with access to real-time analytics.

  • Minimum traffic expected is more than 90,000 visitors per month. If the traffic on your website is below the threshold, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  • Price models include CPM, RevShare, and CPC with a minimum payment requirement of $100.



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According to the ad publisher’s website, RevContent provides 250 billion unique content suggestions every month across all native ad networks and has collaborated with a variety of advertisers and publishers, including Forbes and Wayfair. The advertising network provides marketers with a self-service feature so that they are well equipped to view native advertising in accordance with their business needs.

  • Traffic source must produce more than 3 million page views.
  • Native advertising network supports both CPC and vCPM with a minimum payment threshold of $50.



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Thanks to optimization, AdCash has its own targeting tools that produce real results. Its platform helps marketers to reach broad audiences. AdCash makes the marketing of affiliates simple, enjoyable and profitable.

  • Super granular targeting choices
  • Top-level GEOs
  • Global scope – 200+ SSPs and exclusive publishers of Adcash.
  • Advanced filters for fraud
  • Automated optimization of ROI
  • Dedicated account managers and support
  • Minimum budget: $100.00
  • Cost model: CPM/CPC/CPA

Native Ads

Native Ads are an attractive native ad choice that will give you a better interface with widgets that make your ads easier to find. Native Ads have exclusive items and layouts that you can find on the website.

  • Custom header bidding solutions
  • Intelligent research and reporting
  • Excellent ad quality
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • GAM management
  • PMP sales
  • Minimum budget: $25
  • Cost model: CPC/CPM



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Leading content discovery Platform in Korea producing over 22 billion impressions per month. Their system automatically increases the consistency of the recommendation by representing the user’s behavior towards the effects of the recommendation.

  • Various types of content
  • Easy campaign management
  • Automatic optimization
  • Broad targeting options
  • Custom recommendation
  • Methods of payment: bank transfer/credit card
  • Offers Vertical: Education/Sweepstakes/Dating/Gambling/Nutra/Finance

How to Select a Native Advertising Platform

If you are searching for the right ad platform for your company or business, you need to ensure that you take all factors into account, including your website traffic, company advertising budget, the nature of the media or content you want to serve, and the type of network you are looking for.

Ad Quality

While advertising networks can buy ads to fit your native ad impressions, you need to bear in mind that the quality of ads can vary quite a bit. There are fraudulent advertisers that use these networks for traffic arbitraging purposes, which could take the visitors to bogus landing pages. That’s why it’s crucial that you look at the consistency of the advertising being provided.

Pricing Model

Advertisers will need to make sure that the price per click is reasonable for the marketing budget. There may be various pricing types, like CPC and CPM. Not all networks, however, offer all pricing options. For example, Outbrain does not have support for the CPC model.

Setup Procedure

Make sure that the ad network you are using gives you the best setup process. For example, there are networks that require you to set up each website manually. Not to mention, each website would need separate approval from the network, making it a time-consuming and time-consuming process for advertisers.

Ad Network Requirements

Check the figures and numbers until you make a final decision to select an ad network. Make sure you have ample traffic, budget, and access to the features you need before you sign up for a big name ad platform.

Why You Need the Best Native Ad Platform

If your website serves content or the media, as a publisher, you will benefit from the use of native ads. A native ad can blend with your media or written content to provide your audience with a distraction-free experience. Media ads that pop up or banner ads that get in the way will interrupt the experience. That is why it has become imperative for advertisers to focus on more organic types of advertising. And this is what native advertising provides.

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