Video Creatox Review: Can You Really Make Money Off Of Videos?

Video Creatox is an online course that teaches you how to make a living from YouTube without creating videos. The program offers instructions on how to do this and how to create your own YouTube channel. Interestingly, you can create a channel from scratch, even if you’re a complete novice.

The program is still not very popular, but it lets people make money from YouTube effortlessly by using other people’s content. Since too many people make decent money from YouTube, those who want to do so but don’t know how to get started will benefit from this program. People receive commissions if they watch videos they post.


Who Made Video Creatox?

The Video Creatox course was designed by Marc Christiansen. He’s an online marketer and an expert. He has expertise in internet marketing and develops s free courses on YouTube. In addition, he advises beginners on how to create and earn from their own YouTube channels.

You can therefore trust what’s in Video Creatox since it was made by a specialist in the same field that knows what’s important. The creator has expertise in internet marketing, which may mean that the tips he offers are workable. However, it does not guarantee success or profits.

What’s Inside Video Creatox

If you want to take a sneak peek at what’s inside Video Creatox here is a rundown on what is inside Marc Christiansen’s online course.

  • Video 1 – “Four ways to create a popular Youtube channel for your business.”
  • Video 2 – “Five things you need to know before starting a YouTube channel for your business.”
  • Video 3 – “Tips to grow your brand”
  • Video 4 – “Search Ranking”
  • Video 5 – “Do’s and don’ts of starting a YouTube channel”
  • Video 6 – “Ways to get more traffic to your YouTube channel

Christensen also shows you a really good helpful way to know how to make money out of product reviews. He also mentions the review of software or digital goods that have a higher commission rate than hand-made products.

How Video Creatox Works


Click Here to Get Video Creatox

The program has a lot to offer. Remember, without a website or followers, a new YouTuber can still access millions of videos already made by others. What you need to do is use them for free by uploading them to your own channel and earning on your Youtube account.

This program does not require you to have any experience or make videos of your own. Instead, you only have to pick from the millions of videos that other users have already made and are ready to use. After you have selected a video, you upload it to your channel. Remember this program is helping you get thousands of views so you rank.

If you want to become a YouTuber without having your videos by following the system’s simple steps. Become a member by:

  1. Signing up for a free membership. You need to create an account first.
  2. Choosing from millions of videos already created.
  3. Uploading and earning from your videos.

When you post a video, you start earning passive income. Passive earnings mean you’re going to make money off your videos without consciously working on them. Upload more videos to get more passive earnings.

Video Creatox Price


You can start a trial for only $1 for seven days right now. It’s going to cost $27 a month, and there’s no upselling in this course.

The Benefits of Video Creatox

By now, you might be thinking about starting your YouTube channel via this course. What are you going to get if you do that? Below are the following advantages:

  1. Getting step-by-step instructions guiding you on how to successfully start your own YouTube channel without necessarily creating your videos.
  2. You acquire knowledge, tips, and skills needed to make money from YouTube even if you had no experience in video marketing.

Does Video Creatox Work?

Some people have used this system, and it served them. However, they say you need to be careful with the kind of video you upload because your earnings rely on it. So, pick the right videos, follow the tips given by the program, and go for what’s hot. In comparison, see what the others have done better to excel.

Is Video Creatox For You?

So at the end of the day, we can conclude that the Video Creatox program has many benefits. But if you want a starting boost to your channel as a beginner, you should use the program and go for it. However, if you wish to produce only the original material for your channel, it is better for you not to purchase this program. Whatever the preference is, only hard work and commitment will be the road to a good YouTube channel.

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