VidToon Review: Create Amazing Animations with Just a Few Clicks

If you want a no-brainer tool to create the best animation videos, you have to give VidToon a go. This software lets laymen create animation videos easily with just a few clicks. It’s got animated characters, texts, and a wide range of audio files that you can use as a powerful marketing tool.

The best thing about VidToon is that you don’t have to learn or have technical design skills to produce your own animated videos. With this intuitive program, you can utilize its easy drag and drop method to create stunning animations within minutes.


Animation videos produced with VidToon have the ability to catch the interest and attract viewers. This is paradigmatic since it encourages them to spend time learning about the product or service.

Plus, you can do this at a cheap cost. VidToon helps you to conserve the money that you would otherwise have billed to experts for doing almost the same work. If you want to make guides, illustrate videos, promote, or sell items, you can do it with VidToon. You can make powerful animations for your brand and optimize your ability for digital marketing.


VidToon Features Review

1. Low cost

VidToon is currently being sold at a surprisingly low price. What is more interesting is that we can acquire a commercial license at no extra cost.

2. No Subscription Payments at All

This is the best feature of VidToon. Many 2D and 3D animation developer applications out there charge regular monthly and annual fees. But that’s not the case for VidToon. You can use VidToon apps for a lifetime at a nominal one-time cost

3. Built for Speed

VidToon is built for speed. It’s easy to work with, and comes with ready-made scenes, ready to go with animated characters.

4. It Can Be Used Offline

You can use VidToon on your computer offline. You don’t need an active internet connection to use it or to export the videos you created using it.

5. Unlimited Videos

You can generate and export unlimited videos without a monthly or annual restriction.

6. Use It on 10 Devices

You can install and use VidToon software on 10 of your computers with a commercial license.

7. Text to Speech Technology

VidToon includes a powerful speech text technology powered by Microsoft and Google.

8. Not Niche-Specific

You may use this software for any sort of niche or market. It’s not made for a particular demand or niche in mind.

9. Import Feature

With this feature, you can import your own backgrounds, images, and more into VidToon software.

10. Royalty-Free Library

The VidToon software provides a vast royalty-free library that includes a large range of HD background images and music files. With a few clicks of the mouse, these can be inserted into the video.

VidToon Review: What’s included?

VidToon comes with a lot of tools for quick and hassle-free animation clips. Its huge library of tools, from backgrounds to audios, is basically everything you need to scale up your digital video marketing campaigns.


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1. 30 Eye-Catching Animation

For each of the 25 animated characters that come with VidToon, you get several animation opportunities. With pre-made animations already added to various characters, you can add them to your video in just a few clicks. In addition, each character has several special animations that complement their occupations. This means you’re never going to be short of the variety here.

2. 25 Readymade Animated Characters

VidToon comes with pre-made cartoon characters for a wide range of niches. No matter what sort of company you choose to promote, VidToon is sure to have a character you can use. Plus, you can use the one-click flip option to adjust the default orientation of the character you pick.

3. 34 Backgrounds in HD

VidToon provides a library of high-definition backdrop images to make the cartoon videos stand out from the rest. These backgrounds are important to a wide range of niches and scenarios. To add these to your videos, all you need to do is drag and drop them to your video creation screen.

4. 200 + Music Tracks

Adding sound or music to animated videos makes them all the more entertaining and captivating. With VidToon, you can pick from a vast audio track library. Now you don’t have to scan the web a million times trying to find the right track, because it’s right there in your VidToon subscription.

5. 250 + Sales Graphics

To harness the potential of video ads, companies use videos to promote and sell their goods through videos. That’s why you need sales graphics to improve sales through video marketing.

How To Create Animated Videos with VidToon?


As described above, it’s an easy drag-and-drop video animation program. There is no major learning curve. You can create a breathtaking animated video in three easy steps.


First, you need to download and download VidToon on your computer. You can use this program on both PC and MAC with a single license.

Customize and Create

If you’ve enabled the app using your email address, it’s time to make some cool animated images. You can use a huge library of characters, music files, and background images to create the kind of video you want.

What you need to do is select the option that you want and want to work with and then drag it to the timeline.

Now, from the timeline, you can make the necessary adjustments to each feature on the canvas.

You can add the text that you like. You can animate the character you like. There are also a number of transitions open for you to add to the video to make it more appealing.


If you’re ready with your video, just press the Export button to make the video and save it to your device.


Plans and Prices

VidToon sells a single package called Commercial License with a reasonable charge of $47 per month. If at some stage you think you no longer need VidToon, you can cancel your subscription. With the Commercial package, you can make an unlimited number of animated videos on a monthly basis and sell them to retain 100% earnings.

In addition to all the tools mentioned above, the Commercial License contains two add-ons:

  1. Free Update to market the videos you’re making.
  2. 10 Days of Giveaways to get dollars’ worth of free training and video promotion services, software, and more for free!

Why You Need to Get VidToon?


VidToon is a superb animation software that makes interactive video ads simpler than ever before. With its efficient, automated video software, spending hours on animation is a thing of the past.

With this, internet ads can be handled in the best manner with enticing animation videos. Fast, stable, and effective, VidToon software can get the job done in a matter of minutes.

So, whether you’re a marketing specialist on a tight budget or maybe someone who needs to save their dollars,  VidToon is the perfect video and marketing platform for you.

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