IDPLR Review: Is It a Legit PLR Service?

If your goal is to build and grow your business online, then you’re one of those persons in need of an IDPLR subscription.


You will find lots of high-quality content inside IDPLR, and these products come with PLR (private label rights), RR (resale rights), and MRR (master resale rights). If you have all three licenses, this means you can sell back a product to another person, that person can sell it to another person and you have the rights to do anything you want with that product.

Essentially, subscribing to IDPLR will allow you to:

  • Use the products of PLR as content on your website.
  • Offer various goods on your website.
  • Use the product you have purchased as a free bonus for your own product.
  • Use the PLR to build your own product information.
  • And a lot more!

What You Get with IDPLR

You will have unrestricted access to over 12k PLR products, and all products inside will be updated on an ongoing basis.


idplr-review-legit-plr-service-softwares provides a wide variety of software items for all forms of licensing, including private label rights.

There are currently more than 1,700 pieces of software on IDPLR.

There are a variety of informational software products on subjects such as back pain, self-development, forex, parenting, breastfeeding, marriage, dog training, and many more.

But most consumer electronics are in the digital marketing niche, such as WordPress plugins, landing/squeeze page builders, analytical tools, web element generators, and other handy online marketing tools.



There are more than 6,315 PLR and other forms of ebook licensing available within the membership. At least 2 new ebooks are added every month, so there’s an improvement going on.

There are eBooks in several categories and niches, including digital marketing (all subcategories), fitness, relationship, cooking, travel, yoga, inspiration, banking, trading, and much more.

The eBooks are very rich in content and typically contain at least 30 pages of data. Some of the eBooks inside look visually fantastic, are well organized and value-added. However, you can also find eBooks with some grammatical problems, awkward structuring, and little or no use.



Click Here to Get IDPLR

When you sign up for IDPLR and buy GOLD membership, you can access more than 200,000 PLR articles that you can use for any purpose you want.

There are a few ways you can use these PLR articles for your business:

  • Use them to get posts on your blog
  • Put those things in a package and resell them.
  • Send them to your mailing lists as freebies
  • Create content for your email list
  • Use for newsletters and social media articles
  • Create content for membership sites
  • Use them to create backlinks for content on forums and blogs

All the articles are housed on the IDPLR Partner Website called, and you’ll be able to locate them in almost any niche there is.

The overall quality of the articles is not bad at all, and you will actually find some well-written PLR articles in this section.



Templates can be particularly useful for those who want to quickly create niche websites that can potentially make money.

There are a number of pre-made niche blog templates, like Amazon affiliate, and other review sites in a lot of niches like digital marketing, health, pets, parenting, travel, photography, meditation, fashion, and more.

In addition to pre-built websites, there are also loads of PLR templates that you can use on your website to set up an instant landing/squeeze page.



Although there are few video products about niches like health, pets, and self-development, almost all video products are about online marketing.

There are such a massive amount of PLR and other rights videos that cover almost every sub-level of digital marketing, including social media, paid ads, email marketing, SEO, and many more.

Plenty of the items you’ll find in this section are old, but the administrators strive to keep up by uploading new ones regularly.

The overall quality of the videos is pretty impressive. Although they only contain basic text translated into voice over and have no fancy editing or effects, a lot of them have great information and value.

The same applies to the presentation of video products, almost every product looks fantastic and very promising from its cover. Another cool thing is that video series generally come with a set of graphics, sales videos and sales letters, which is useful if you’re willing to resell those items.



There are over 260 packaged audio items available in the form of – audio lessons & instruction, hypnotherapy, motivating speech & sound, or simple music tracks.

You can use these products for:

  • podcasts
  • video production
  • reselling
  • giveaway
  • turning them into videos

The beneficial thing of this category is that the audio products are also followed by other valuable PLR products, such as covers, transcripts and squeeze pages, so it is easier for you to re-use them.



Why would we need PLR graphics when there are so many royalty-free outlets that have all these images for free?

You see, IDPLR graphics are intended for marketing purposes and are specifically designed for marketing campaigns and product promotions.

These graphics are PLR banners, visual headlines, presentation templates, eBook covers, and so on. Graphics are available in many niches, and they all come in a PSD (photoshop) file that can be edited.

IDPLR Pricing

The cost of a 3-month membership is $37; the cost of a 1-year membership is $89, and the cost of a lifetime membership s $99. You can choose the one you want between these three and start enjoying your benefits.

Besides, once you download, you’re going to have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the service or you start having a second thought, you can apply for a full refund, no questions asked. So, even though you’re not going to get free, it’s very reassuring to know that your money’s going to be safe for the first 60 days.

When you get your membership, you’ll get 5 GB of web space, a WP sales page maker, and a 3D software kit.

Why You Should Subscribe to IDPLR

IDPLR is built for those who are serious about digital marketing and able to use PLR products in the long term. It’s because if you only need a single piece of PLR content, IDPLR is probably not going to be a great option.

Thanks to its membership scheme, IDPLR stands out from other PLR sites as it allows thousands of items to be explored and downloaded without any limitations.

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