Speechelo Review: How Better Is It Compared to a Human Voiceover?

Speechelo is a one-of-a-kind software integrated with artificial intelligence in order to create professional-level voiceovers that sound like a real human. It can easily convert any type of text into a human voice, eliminating the need to hire a voice actor or having to do it yourself.

What makes Speechelo extremely attractive is the fact that you are provided with a lot of choices, whether you want a female or male voiceover, or want varying tones like joyful, normal, or even sad. The next time you have to make a video for your projects, you won’t even need anybody’s help anymore. Simply type away, do a few clicks, and voila, your video is a whole lot better with a professional voice over.

How Speechelo Works

It’s pretty quick to find a way to make voice-overs. It’s completed in three quick and easy steps.

First, simply paste the text.

The interface is easy to use, and you’ll find a board where the text can go quickly. If you paste the text, the AI will start checking the text and add all the required stuff like punctuation.

Once you have entered and edited the text, you can pick the voice and the language you want the sound to come out of. From our initial evaluation, you have more than 100 voices available on the Pro plan. Apparently, the Standard Plan is smaller.

Apart from selecting a language and a voice, you can even apply inflections and edit breathing patterns and tone patterns. You can pick the tone in which you want the text to be read. The third step required to convert the text into a voice over is to produce the voice-over.


You should press the sound button after following the above steps to produce the sound. It does this for you very easily, and in just a few seconds you’ll get a voiceover sound. Depending on the amount of time to be read, it’ll take up to 10 seconds.

After you have created it, you can play it and decide whether to save or edit it. If you’ve listened to it and are pleased with it, you can download the voice to your computer.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to change the text to a voice over the use of Speechelo. The only thing you may need to contend with is the imputation of the text to be converted. Then you would have to pick the type of voice and the accent of the voice.

Speechelo Features


Voice Generation

The first feature is the most noticeable part of Speechelo. This tool will give you a lot of voices out of the box. The Standard option is limited to 700 words.

If you don’t want an end to the ability to create voices, so you should be trying to purchase the Pro edition. This will allow you to input as much text as you want.


The inclusion of many languages and texts is another feature of this Speechelo software. The program is mainly in English but the software provides you with up to 23 other languages.

The best part about this feature is that after the text has been entered, you don’t have to do anything else to get the voice over. You could do this without employing a professional to manage the storytelling. If you have a video to make, say on YouTube, this will help you reduce the amount you spend. You can change your accent to what you want to do.

This feature is fantastic, and there are other facets of it that make Speechelo different from the ones on the market. To bring more realism to the sound, you can add things like breathing patterns and others.


The ultimate potential to transform items makes this a perfect choice. You can even change the video with captions with the recent updates.

When you play the video, Speechelo will recognize the language of the video and translate it to the language of the video. That makes it really convenient for you.

If you use many languages, Speechelo is also very useful. It recognizes the sound and will behave accordingly to your advantage.

What You Can Use Speechelo For?

If you create videos and don’t like to use your own voice or just want to use a different voice, then you will find this online tool to be extremely valuable.

Here are the ways you can use Speechelo:

  • Create sales videos
  • Create training videos
  • Educational videos
  • Review videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • and more…


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How Much is Speechelo?

For a one time fee (at the time of writing this), you can get Speechelo for a special discount of only $47. The original price is $100.

Speechelo doesn’t offer a free trial, unfortunately. But once in a while, they do offer discounts, like the one being offered now. You can get the software for 53% off at the time of writing.

OTO 1: Speechelo Pro

The standard version of Speechelo is more than amazing, but how would you like to get DOUBLE the voices and even more features? This is where Speechelo Pro comes in. Here are the key distinctions between the Standard and the Pro models of Speechelo.

First of all, you have the DOUBLE voices inside the Speechelo Pro. Normally, the regular package comes with just 30 voices, but you go up to 60+ voices with the pro plan!

Another cool aspect of this is the option to create longer voiceovers as well. Normally, the voiceovers shouldn’t get longer than 700 characters, but with Speechelo pro, they can get 4x the normal length.

The third advantage you get with the pro package is to have access to 40 mesmerizing background music tracks. These tracks come in a range of styles, from film tracks, happy tracks, and even motivational music for your promotions!

One of my favorite advantages is the commercial license feature you get with the pro package. This means that you can sell voiceovers inside Speechelo to others and retain both the money and earnings!

And the last big advantage that is pretty much the cherry on top of the Speechelo pro bundle is their voice over cash machine incentive. This benefit comes with an ebook format that teaches you how to upload your voiceover gigs and attract lots of clients.


Speechelo Pro Cost

You don’t have to pay monthly to enjoy the goodies included in Speechelo Pro. Instead, you pay a recurring charge of $47 every three months, which you can cancel at any time.

The pro version is an update of the Speechelo Standard. But you’ll have to buy the Speechelo Standard before you can migrate to the Pro version.

Once you buy the basic plan, you will have the option to get a pro plan. Of course, the pro plan is not going to be for everybody. It’s powerful, and it’s going to push Speechelo to the next level and make it that much more powerful. The pro plan, though, is for those who are serious about growing their business.

OTO 2: Speechelo Tube

Imagine being able to take any YouTube link, take the voiceover from the clip, and create a new voiceover from any of the voices inside Speechelo! That’s pretty much what the Speechelo Tube is all about.

You have the power to take any YouTube video, convert your voiceover into a foreign language, without making all of the translations yourself.

Just imagine taking some English video and translating it into Spanish… or maybe a Spanish video and turning it into English. It’s a pretty cool improvement, and it will help you break into international markets, sell affiliate goods, and even develop a huge following in a different language.

You can get Speechelo Tube for a one-time payment of only $37 at the time of writing.


Why You Should Get Speechelo

A lot of people who want to start YouTube videos or create voiceover videos are anxious about how their voice sounds. Speechelo software is designed to address just that.

It’s not perfect software, but for the price, this is certainly one of the best of its kind on the market. The voices sound quite real, especially the option in English. If you are looking to create voice-overs, we highly recommend Speechelo as an option for you.

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