VidBullet Review: Can You Really Create Videos Without Editing Skills with This Software?

Did you know it’s possible to create short, engaging videos in just three minutes? That’s what VidBullet is for, and has in fact been doing just that for over a decade. This software is a tried and tested way to capture the attention and raise the awareness of the masses of whatever you’re trying to promote or sell.

It’s for this reason that VidBullet is hailed as the fastest automated video creation program there is. And with a redesign in tow, VidBullet has just gotten better. So much that it’s being used by many news organizations to create viral video and explainer videos as well.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that you don’t need a lot of technical know-how to create videos. With VidBullet, all you need to do is feed the program with enough info, and it does its magic. You don’t even need to edit the video it creates.


How VidBullet Works

1. Choose the Template

After reviewing 1000s of videos, each VidBullet was picked to find the most reliable and highest conversion videos to transform to templates, making it difficult to select the incorrect design.

2. Fill Out the Form

If you’ve ever filled in an online form, then this will be easy. Fill in a few details, add a voiceover, or select text-to-speech, and you’re done. Want to make more elaborate changes? It’s all done with a few clicks of the mouse.

3. Push the Button

That’s it. ‘Push the “Generate Video” button and they will render your video to mp4 for universal playback.

VidBullet Features

1. Create Unlimited High-Quality Videos in 3 Minutes or Less

saving hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in needless tech, hardware, and consultant costs.

2. No Skills Needed

No expertise is required. There’s no reason to be on camera. You don’t need to capture your own voice. VidBullet does everything.

3. Control Your Niche

Sell more goods and scale your market without adding up your camera prices, making more content, quicker and cheaper than your rivals.


4. Show Your Marketing Message

In a 2-minute style, and you’ll be blown away by the improved interaction, audience retention, and purchases you make when people actually watch your entire video!

Strip the guesswork from generating winning video advertisements by making 10, 50, 100 ads (or more) to running ads that convert the best.

5. Give Yourself a Break!

Save yourself the time, cost, and stress of creating a video that might (or may not) succeed by selecting from a collection of proven templates.

6. Serve More Customers, Quicker, Faster

with a straightforward high-fee service that is ideally tailored to primary income, secondary income, or by-products.

7. Use a Proven Prototype for Some Type of Product

VidBullet templates are based on 1000 videos and hundreds of hours of analysis.

Each one has been shown to convert. Each of them is breathtaking to watch. Each delivers the marketing campaign with zero disruption, zero delays, and zero time for people to get confused and move on.

8. The Perfect Aspect Ratio for Social Media

Using square templates for Facebook advertising is well known to improve conversions by introducing additional real estate to the news feed.

While portrait templates help you brand your company on Instagram by filling in your viewers’ entire phone frame.

9. Promote Your Products, Services, Affiliate, And E-Commerce Offers

Don’t know which template you want to use first? The incredible 7-slide “Bubble Template” can be tailored to any niche. If you need to move the product quickly, this design can make you grin so much that your cheeks hurt!


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10. Generate Instant Authority For Meetings, Webinars, and Local Stores

The “News Template” offers a persuasive message filled with all the prospects need to hear and nothing they don’t! News Webinar/local biz template]

11. Make New VidBullets!

Perfect for advanced marketers and a strong, profitable, trouble-free service to offer to consumers. Just name your price!

Who can use VidBullet?

The best part of this video software is that anybody can use it without the expertise of any technical part. If you’re selling for yourself or a customer, Vidbullet will be your companion.

  1. Business owners may use Vidbullet to advertise their goods or services and make consumers aware of the value they can offer.
  2. Health and fitness coaches also benefit from the spread of online coaching sessions.
  3. Online advertisers and writers may use it to make their posts more appealing.

VidBullet Pricing


$47 One Time Fee

  • Create 50 VidBullets Each Month
  • VidBullets cannot be sold to clients
  • 50 High-Resolution Images
  • VidBullet Asset Library
  • UBC News Authority Branding (Optional)
  • Automatic Text-to-Speech Voice Overs (Optional)
  • Auto-Publish to Vimeo and YouTube (Optional)
  • New! Custom music
  • New! Custom voiceovers
  • New! Custom video clips
  • New! Custom logos.
  • New! VidBulletFX
  • New! Variable-length videos
  • New! Mixer


$67 One Time Fee

  • Create UNLIMITED VidBullets
  • Sell UNLIMITED VidBullets to clients
  • 100 High-Resolution Images
  • VidBullet Asset Library
  • UBC News Authority Branding (Optional)
  • Automatic Text-to-Speech Voice Overs (Optional)
  • Auto-Publish to Vimeo and YouTube (Optional)
  • New! Custom music
  • New! Custom voiceovers
  • New! Custom video clips
  • New! Custom logos.
  • New! VidBulletFX
  • New! Variable-length videos
  • New! Mixer

Why You Need to Buy VidBullet


VidBullet is such an effective program that you don’t have to invest too much time and effort into creating a video. You just wanted to fill in the blanks without going through a complex video editing process. VidBullet system can also be a blessing to your company, as you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get people to your site. It has built-in traffic that will help you extend your scope.

It comes with a range of templates, functions, graphics, music tracks, and more. As indicated in this VidBullet Review, it may be used by freelancers, bloggers, content markets, agencies, affiliates, and local businesses. It can also be used for Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.

There is a lot of software on the market, but VidBullet is unbeatable due to its clear but successful styles and results. VidBullet is not intended to hinder other video production applications currently on the market. With the aid of VidBullet video tools, you can make high-quality short videos designed to drive traffic to your site and improve your sales. It’s built to make the job a lot smoother, even also for those who don’t know a lot about video editing.

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